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We leveraged our global network to support you with relevant data, impactful initiatives, and downloadable files.


We know 3D printing is not accessible to everyone – especially industrial grade additive manufacturing technologies. To make sure you received safe and valuable content that meets medical standards, our medical experts screened all the material beforehand. Let’s do what our technology teaches us to do: think differently. Let’s push the boundaries of what is possible. Let’s join forces to provide treatment and care for everyone.

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EOS Webinars - On Demand Related to COVID-19

Watch this ondemand webinar to explore the discussion on how ddditive manufacturing can enable manufacturers during the COVID-19 crisis and beyond.

La Manufactura Aditiva en tiempos del COVID
AMMA3D busca unificar los esfuerzos en Manufactura Aditiva en México, llevando las tecnologías al alcance de todos; con el fin de acelerar el progreso industrial, social y educativo hacia la era digital.

Do you want to implement AM as a production technology?
Have you been wondering how to tackle the qualification of your AM production line?

STL Files

Here is a group of selected STL files to download.
These files are meant as a means of inspiration.* Let us know if you have files of your own!

Emergency Mask for Hospital Ventilators Isinnova

We analyzed the proposal together with the inventor. We contacted in little time Decathlon, as ideator, productor and supplier of the snorkeling Easybreath mask. The company was immediately willing to cooperate by providing the CAD drawing of the mask we had identified. The product was dismantled, studied, and the changes to be made were evaluated. A new component was then designed to guarantee the connection to the ventilator. We called the link Charlotte valve, and we quickly printed it using 3D printing.
Please be so kind and contact Isinnova directly for your correct print/stl data set.

Face Shields EOS

Inspired by the Prusa model Geronimo Mähn, Application Engineer at EOS, took on a few design changes. Due to the compact and straight design,
3 times as many components can be produced. Because of that, the unit costs are reduced to a minimum.
No need for a rubber band - demonstrating one of the strong benefits of 3D printing thanks to functional integration.

Door Handle Opener PDR

PDR is a world leading design consultancy and applied research centre. We have a unique approach, blending leading, high quality research activity alongside award winning, proven and highly experienced consultancy practice.


Face Shields EOS North America

EOS is actively engaged with its AM community, government bodies and medical institutions to provide immediate support during the COVID-19 crisis. One of these initiatives is to overcome the shortages of Personal Protection Equipment (PPE). And we can do this right away. To quickly ramp up production of face shields, we want to provide a packaged solution to get your manufacturing capacity utilized as quickly as possible.

Fixtures for Face Shields University of Emden/Leer

The University of Emden/Leer designed fixtures for face shields, optimized for EOS systems. The face shield itself consists of a clear A4 sheet with a European 4-hole-perforation (80mm spacing between the holes.

Face Shield DMRC

At the DMRC, we teamed up with the medical device manufacturer Condor MedTec and the hospitals in the Paderborn district and defined the requirements for face protection (in the corona crisis). Based on this, we made a construction for a face shield in the laser sintering process. For two weeks now, we have been produced around 800 of these masks per week on our EOS systems in order to provide these hospitals and care services free of charge. The masks integrate several functions and make use of the design freedom in laser sintering.

3D Printing Technology Supports Coronavirus Containment Efforts

3D Printing technology may lend a hand in preventing the spread of the Coronavirus. Materialise, a Belgium-based pioneer in 3D printing, has designed a 3D printed door opener that makes it possible to open and close doors with your arm, removing the need for direct contact with door handles. The company is offering the printable design for free and calling upon the global 3D printing community to 3D print the door opener and make it available all around the world. 

EOS updated the door opener design in order to make them full printable also for FDM 3D printers. The two different model (almost mirrored) can fit to the handlers on both sides of the door. This hander is not universal but compatible with many doors.

EOS 3D Printing Service Provider  Network

Are you looking for a supplier to manufacture a specific part?
Many companies use service providers that specialize in the contract manufacturing of additively manufactured parts for their entry into
3D printing.

Scientific Research

Are you currently working on  a project but struggling with the science behind it all?
Here are a couple of useful research papers that may help.

An ASTM International subcommittee on Respiratory Protection, F23.65 is currently developing a consensus standard for assessing respirator fit capability (RFC) criteria of half-facepiece air-purifying particulate respirators.


Assessment of Respirator Fit Capability Test Criteria

For full-facepiece air-purifying respirators
read more
A single ventilator may be quickly modified to ventilate four simulated adults for a limited time. The volumes delivered in this simulation should be able to sustain four 70-kg individuals.


Single Ventilator

By Academic Emergency Medicine Publication
read more
An ASTM International subcommittee on Respiratory Protection, F23.65 is currently developing a consensus standard for assessing respirator fit capability (RFC) criteria of half-facepiece air-purify.


Respiratory Protection

By ASTM International subcommittee
read more
N95 respirators and surgical masks (face masks) are examples of personal protective equipment that are used to protect the wearer from airborne particles


Face Masks

N95 Respirators and Surgical Masks
read more
Inforcement Policy for Ventilators and Accessories and Other Respiratory Devices During the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) Public Health Emergency"


Ventilators and Accessories and Other Respiratory Devices

Inforcement Policy for Ventilators
read more
We screened 3,363 individuals in two study phases, ultimately enrolling 246 individuals who provided exhaled breath samples (Extended Data Fig. 1). Among these 246 participants, 122 (50%) participants were randomized to not wearing a face mask during the first exhaled breath collection and 124 (50%) participants were randomized to wearing a face mask. 


Respiratory Virus Shedding in Exhaled Breath and Efficacy of Face Masks

We identified seasonal human coronaviruses, influenza viruses and rhinoviruses in exhaled breath and coughs of children and adults with acute respiratory illness
read more
In the current situation of the Covid-19 pandemic there are different types of devices which are being produced by additive manufacturing (AM) technologies. One example is personal protective equipment (PPE, e.g. facemasks and shields).
The intended use of the device defines the relevant regulation. If the device is classified as PPE (protects user from particles, droplets or other harm) then the PPE-Regulation (REGULATION (EU) 2016/425) has to be applied. If the intended us of the device is not a PPE, then different regulations have to be considered.


Info sheet on additively manufactured
devices and services

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Frage 1: Gelten für den 3D-Druck irgendwelche Rechtsrahmen der EU?
3D-Druck wird auch „additive Fertigung“ genannt. Bei diesem Herstellungsverfahren werden auch als „additive Fertigungsmaschinen“ bezeichnete 3D-Drucker zur Herstellung anderer Produkte verwendet.
3D-Drucker werden auch „additive Fertigungsmaschinen“ genannt. Diese Produktionsmittel können zur Herstellung verschiedener Produkte für unterschiedliche Zwecke verwendet werden.


Conformity assessment for 3D printing and 3D printed products

Only in german language
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Mit der Empfehlung (EU) 2020/403 vom 13. März 2020 über Konformitätsbewertungs- und Marktüberwachungsverfahren im Kontext der COVID-19-Bedrohung hat die Europäische Kommission den zuständigen Behörden der Mitgliedstaaten unter anderem die Möglichkeit eröffnet,


Simplified test facility for Corona SARS-Cov-2 pandemic respirators

Only in german language
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more to come


The EOS Ecosystem is a multi-layered network of EOS affiliates and partners. These partners include external partner companies and a multitude of promising start-ups in which AM Ventures (AMV) – a sister company of the EOS GROUP – has invested.

Our valued partners created amazing applications. Here are some of them for your inspiration.

Industrial wearables specialist ProGlove, has responded to customers’ needs in manufacturing, distribution and logistics by launching a new smart solution to help workers maintain proper social distance.

Leveraging its MARK family of wearable barcode scanners and ProGlove Connect app for Android, ProGlove announces today a product upgrade that activates proximity sensing for frontline workers. With production lines resuming operations, safety and efficiency are top of mind.

Thousands of #SLS mask components flying out of the door this morning, on their way to our brave doctors and nurses on the front line of the fight against #covid19. These components have been designed by the team at Prusa Research who have generously shared these with the world for free, in the hope of helping those at risk.
3T Additive Manufacturing Ltd are ready and waiting to help out wherever we can with the manufacture of polymer and metal components in extremely short lead times. Please get in touch if we can be of assistance.

The original door handle design was created by the Belgian 3D software company Materialise, which cooperated with Sintratec. After receiving the digital files from Belgium, a first prototype was built within a day. After a short redesign, the door handle went straight into mass production the next day. „This is the strength of 3D printing: A concept can be drawn, optimized, and realized within hours“, says Solnecki. Afterwards, the digital file can be printed on a global scale. „The more Covid-19 leads to restrictions in transport and travel, the more relevant local production becomes“, adds Solenicki

The COVID-19 pandemic has put an incredible strain on medical practitioners around the globe. As coronavirus cases in U.S. population centers continue to increase, healthcare professionals are facing challenges that go well beyond the surge in people seeking care.

In many cases, medical professionals must put their own wellbeing at risk by working without the equipment required to do their jobs safely and effectively. They’re faced with shortages in personal protective equipment (PPE) such as N95 facemasks and eye protectors, and there is a high demand for ventilators and related components to treat patients experiencing extreme symptoms of COVID-19. (Laura Gilmour)

The 3D Printing Community has quickly risen to offer their capacity for printing additional supplies to slow the spread of the corona virus. But the question remains, how to get 3D printed supplies to hospital locations where they are needed. 3YOURMIND has setup an order management platform to connect hospitals and medical clinics with industrial 3D print producers for efficient production.

Spectroplast, a start-up company and spin-off from ETH Zurich in Switzerland, produces customized silicone parts using 3D printing. Due to the ongoing corona virus pandemic, the company is experiencing a boom in inquiries from national and abroad about 3D-printed silicone attachments for respiratory masks.

However, washing is not possible with most of the cheap masks. The situation is different with the masks of the Viennese start-up Cubicure. The company is one of the world leaders in 3-D printers. High-security masks are printed layer by layer with plastic and laser: “The focus is on reusable masks. Cubicure initially has plastics available with which such masks can be produced, ”says managing director Robert Gmeiner.

ETH spin-off supports corona patients all over the world

Standard ventilators do not fit to all faces. The startup Spectroplast has found a solution: it carries out seals that deal with the personal face shape. Because in some Covid 19 patients the face shape deviates greatly from the standard shape. There may be problems with artificial ventilation.

Dunlee, a distributor of products, solutions and services for the third-party imaging business, headquartered in Hamburg, Germany, reports that it is increasing its output of additively manufactured tungsten anti-scatter grids  used in CT systems, to support patient access during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

Interesting Projects Within the 3D Printing Community

Here is what other creative minds have done. Let’s spread the world!


Connecting 3D Print Services to Fight COVID-19. Helping you reach nearby professionals to print parts on demand.


Health Care Needs and AM Capabilities Repository.



Volkswagen will Teile für Beatmungsgeräte drucken.



Spanische Unternehmen stellen mit „Leitat 1“ Gerät aus dem 3D-Drucker zur Atemhilfe für COVID-19-Patienten vor.

TU Berlin

Das 3D-Labor an der TU Berlin hat eine Initiative gestartet, um wichtige medizinische Ersatzteile zu fertigen. Hierfür konnten auch mehrere Partner mobilisiert werden.


In the face of the corona crisis Munich Re and Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft are launching a challenge for the purpose of pooling the most capable minds in order to alleviate the consequences for those heavily affected all around the globe.


Ces entreprises membres du réseau NAE mettent leur technologie éprouvée dans les secteurs de l’aéronautique et de la défense au service des fabricants d’équipements médicaux et de protection contre l’épidémie.

BR Nachrichten

Kampf gegen Corona: Schutzausrüstung aus dem 3D-Drucker
Schutzausrüstung gegen das Coronavirus ist Mangelware. Besonders gefragt: Atemschutzmasken.

Goettinger Tageblatt

Ottobock in Duderstadt produziert Masken, Griffe und Visiere
„Not macht erfinderisch“ titelt die Pressestelle des Duderstädter Medizintechnikunternehmens Ottobock. Zubehör zur Kontaktminimierung bietet Unterstützung in der Corona-Krise.

Cumberland Additive, Inc

The EOS provided powder is used to create frames for shields. We're proud to be part of an industry that readily converts their operations to support our healthcare workers.



Weeks ago, we studied the application over N95/FFP3 filtering membranes. We got really good results, homogenous porosity on 300-670 nm. We are working on the legal approvals now.


Una empresa de Valladolid cede una patente para el abastecimiento masivo de filtros en mascarillas.
Se trata de la startup “Aenium” ubicada en el polígono industrial de Boecillo.



Nottingham engineers produce certified 3D printed face shields for NHS
Engineers at the University of Nottingham have designed a PPE face shield with CE approval that they are 3D printing at scale for healthcare workers to use in the fight against COVID-19


Any-Shape is proud to start serial production of swabs, developed in close collaboration with CHU de Liège, and just validated by famhp - federal agency for medicines and health products, in order to help in the covid19 crisis.
Two weeks to draw a totally new design fully adapted to 3D printing, to develop a customized scanning strategy and to validate the clinical study. We are now going to produce >100.000 swabs/week during the following 5-6 weeks.

3D Printing Studios

Australian Company 3D Printing Studios has been working with State, Government, and Health Departments to produce Medical Nasal & Throat Swabs used in Covid-19 Test Kits.
South Australian Pathology has tested the latest 3d printed swabs and has given the green light on their use. This will make 3D Printing Studios the only Australian Supplier of these essential products in the fight against Covid-19.


In response to the unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic Anatomics has established Print3D Medical Supply Chain Solutions.


Face à la crise sanitaire mondiale liée au #coronavirus, julien meallier nous explique quelle action nous entreprenons ce week-end chez.

Aenium Engineering 

Filters, disposable components for the intensive care unit and other protective equipment parts.


3 Lessons 3-D Printing Is Learning From COVID-19 Response.



Italienische Ingenieure haben in kürzester Zeit Ventile für Beatmungsmaschinen mit einem 3D-Drucker nachgebaut.

Manager Magazin

3-D-Druck-Betriebe rufen nach Krisen-Koordination.
Angesichts fehlender Schutzausrüstung und Beatmungsgeräte rüsten immer mehr Unternehmen um und stellen ihre Produktion auf dringend benötigtes Material um.

Maker vs Virus

We're bringing together people and organisations who need currently hard-to-find protective equipment or spare parts with makers and makerspaces who can possibly produce them.

Jaguar Land Rover

3D-Printing protective visors for NHS staff on the Corona virus frontline.


Niederlande Nachrichten

Die Coronapandemie führt zu einer weltweiten Verknappung von Geräten und Teilen. CEO Erik van der Garde von der niederländischen Firma Oceanz sieht die Spannung in den Lieferketten zunehmen: 3D-Druck bietet hier eine praktische Lösung.


Medical supplies are limited. Can 3D-printed face shields help?
Shortages are forcing health care workers treating Covid-19 patients to wear the same face mask for entire shifts. Companies are 3D-printing face shields to make that safer.


Die Biedenkopfer Firma FKM spendet 4000 gedruckte Masken
Das Unternehmen unterstützt Gesundheitseinrichtungen in der Region. Die Masken aus dem 3D-Drucker sind wiederverwendbar.

SKZ Würzburg

Täglich gibt es Meldungen, dass Schutzausrüstung nicht in ausreichender Menge zur Verfügung steht. Das SKZ tritt dem entgegen und stellt Gesichtsschutzschirme (Face Shields) im Center for Additive Production (CAP) her. Der Gesichtsschutz ist ein entscheidendes Mittel für Pflegekräfte oder Sanitäter im Umgang mit Infizierten.


3D Printing Unite for COVID-19
As a trusted resource for the additive manufacturing industry, the 3dpbm team feels a responsibility to facilitate the free exchange of information, parts, services and in general give a helping hand during this time of crisis.

Etihad Engineering

In an effort to provide additional safety for medical staff around the UAE, we are producing protective face shields using the latest 3D printing technology in our state-of-the-art additive manufacturing lab at Etihad Engineering. Certified by the highest aviation standards and validated by Etihad’s medical team to ensure protection, hundreds of face shields will be distributed in collaboration with Etihad Airways Medical Centre to healthcare professionals across the UAE.


Schutz gegen Corona - Masken aus dem 3D-Drucker
Zu Beginn der Pandemie gab es in Deutschland zu wenig medizinische Schutzausrüstung. Masken waren von Anfang an knapp, da kaum noch Lieferungen aus Asien kamen. Eine Oberpfälzer Firma konnte ihre Produktion schnell hochfahren und Masken aus dem 3D-Drucker in Serie herstellen.



Evonik, EOS, 3D Systems and HP Inc. bundle their expertise in the additive manufacturing to support hospitals with 3D printed medical devices.

3D Printing Industry 

How is the 3D printing community responding to COVID-19?

3D Systems

The rapid spread of COVID-19 has put many healthcare providers under great strain as they provide treatment and care to affected patients.


This group is being formed to evaluate, design, validate, and source the fabrication of open source emergency medical supplies around the world, given a variety of local supply conditions.

Metal AM

The global Additive Manufacturing community responds to coronavirus.



130.000 Euro Preisgeld für die Entwicklung eines Beatmungsgeräts aus dem 3D-Drucker ausgelobt.


NIH 3D Print Exchange

COVID-19 Supply Chain Response
Curated by NIH/NIAID in collaboration with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, the Veterans Healthcare Administration, and America Makes.

Wall Street Journal

3D Companies Tackle Coronavirus Supply Shortages
New production tools help craft nasal swabs, face shields and door handles to fight the pandemic.


Ideafactory dona 250 valvole venturi a sei ospedali e protezione civile per l’emergenza Covid-19.



Una empresa cede patente para abastecimiento masivo de filtros en mascarillas.


3D Druck

cirp und Fazua entwickeln wiederverwendbares Gesichtsvisier.
Das Visier entstand in Rekordzeit als gemeinsame Entwicklung in enger Zusammenarbeit mit Kliniken in München, Rosenheim und Oldenburg.


Johanniter-Unfall-Hilfe thanks to call-for-help.
As announced within the recent initiative 3D Printing fights Corona, thousands of face shields from an appeal for help of the international network for industrial 3D printing MGA will be ceremonially handed over in front of the MGA office.


Dunlee addresses need for CT exams to diagnose COVID-19 disease with CT replacement tube manufacturing.

Dunlee boosts production of 3D-printed anti-scatter grids in response to COVID-19 pandemic.

Stampa 3D Store | Prosilas

Tra il mese di marzo e aprile 2020, Prosilas, azienda leader nell’ambito dell’ambito dell’additive manufacturing (AM) in Italia, ha utilizzato la tecnologia EOS, il più importante fornitore di tecnologie a livello mondiale per la stampa 3D industriale di metalli e polimeri, per la produzione in tempi rapidi dei flussimetri necessari alle attività sanitarie per la cura dei pazienti affetti da Covid-19, presso gli Ospedali Riuniti Torrette di Ancona.

Disclaimer *

While our printing systems can be used to create medically certifiable parts - those parts, materials, and workflows have gone through extensive testing by certified organizations and are normally not transferable to other geometries or applications.

Any design files referenced or provided by EOS are provided “as-is” without any warranties or guarantees of any kind, including but not limited to, warranties of fitness for particular purposes, merchantability, or non-infringement. Design files for the manufacture of parts for medical use do not include any registrations or certifications. Users of the design files are solely responsible for any applicable regulatory approvals, waivers, or exceptions.


This platform was created to help members of the 3D printing community in supporting others battling Covid-19. The Coronavirus has spread rapidly all across the globe. If infections proceed at their current pace, there will not be enough supplies such as ventilators, respirators, PPE, etc. to meet the demand. Patients and medical professionals are in dire need of technical support.

We want to provide others with the inspiration they need to tackle this pandemic as a community, as a team. The disease knows no borders, which is why this has to be done on a global level. Additive manufacturing is a technology that can be used to help others. Products – life saving applications such as medical supplies – can be produced locally. Thanks to a digital supply chain we can act quickly.

We need to slow down the spread of the virus. So, let’s do this! Let’s inspire others. Let’s find solutions to all the challenges that Corona brings into our world. But, this can only be done if we work together – if we form an entity. So, please contribute to this movement if you can. Use the #3DAgainstCorona to make your voice heard.